Syria, Oh Sweet Syria

Syria, oh sweet Syria,
How simple and serene;
For years I’ve been longing for your beauty,
The likes of which I dream.

Do you remember back when,
I was but a little boy,
Running through your alleyways,
Anxious for your love and joy?

When I would jump right out of bed,
At the sound of yelping, “tamari ka3k!”
The young boys who would shout,
On their bicycles riding ’bout.

Syria, oh sweet Syria,
So distant we have come to be.
Without you my heart is waning,
Together, will we ever be?

Far away, still I am,
In another land, fun and free,
Let me show you where I stand,
Take my hand, follow me!

Syria, oh sweet Syria,
How I yearn for thee,
Take me back to Old Damascus,
Let me show you liberty!

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