What Am I Thinking

I know I shouldn’t like you, but I do.


That is, when I don’t hear from you.

When we’ve been distant for a while.


But then you call…

I get a little discouraged, a little scared.

I say to myself, this is a good girl, don’t do it.

But I find myself still flirting,

and sending you text messages like…

I wonder what the next message is.


Worst part of it is,

I’m not supposed to like you,

Because my best boy is digging you.

And I gave him advice on how to spit to you, and now I’m into you.

How do you tell a chick that you like and respect her, that she deserves the world,

but that what you really want is to lay with her, for a while, without hurting anybody’s feelings.


Eh…what am I thinking.

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