President Obama tells Congress to give immigrants U.S. Citizenship


In his first State of the Union Address this year, President Obama asked Congress to finally solve the immigration problem in this country.

Obama expressed his belief that hard working immigrants should be rewarded, not punished, for working hard and contributing to American society.

Most of them, he said, were brought here at a young age. It is not their faults they are not U.S. citizens. To deny them the right to live in this country is to deny them the right to stay in their home.

He then went further and said:

“Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship, and I will sign it right away.”

On a personal level, I completely agree with the President.

As an immigrant myself, I know the difficulties of trying to become a U.S. citizen. Because of my struggle, I sympathize with other immigrants.

I believe that Americans should really try to understand that the immigrants in this country are hard working human beings who are simply seeking ways to improve their lives in ways they usually can’t in their own homeland.

The idea that these people should fix their home country’s problems is understandable, but the thought of sending people back on a such a massive scale is not only impractical – Β it’s inhumane.

As Obama said in his speech, the border is now more tightly secure than ever before. Therefore, public officials have no more excuses as to why they cannot tackle this issue in an appropriate and just fashion.

I believe that immigrants with clean records, who are merely seeking a better life in this country, who live here and want to contribute to this economy should be granted U.S. citizenship or at least be given the opportunity to work here as well as the reassurance that they can some day receive citizenship status. I think there is no use in fighting this anymore.

Now that the border is more secure than ever, there are no excuses to delay this process any longer.

3 thoughts on “President Obama tells Congress to give immigrants U.S. Citizenship

  1. I agree. He’s basically addressing two issues here. The first is the so-called DREAM Act that would give children that were brought to this country illegally the opportunity to earn citizenship or legal status by joining the military. I think this is the right thing to do because these kids are now basically Americans and they can’t go back to their parents’ country and fit in as they would here. I think its the civil thing to do, especially if these “immigrants” are willing to risk their lives in defense of this country.

    The second issue he is addressing is something that is floating around more and more these days involving foreign PhD students. Various proposals would give foreigner who got their PhD’s here either residency or citizenship. I am also in favor of this but I think it should be tied to need for skills. I also think that it should be a 5-year working permit to start with and then progress to Green Card and citizenship. But I don’t think that it should be open season for anyone who gets a PhD here to just get citizenship. It should be in crucial areas, such as engineering and we should make sure it doesn’t suppress wages too much.

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