inner strife

they try to use fear to intimidate you into believing them because they are so insecure. they will never change. they don’t want to change. they are incapable of being the best version of their self. instead they prefer ignorance. they prefer to be wasteful. they prefer to be angry, to be arrogant, and to prove points.


i just want to be successful. i’m over the bullshit. i know im an opinionated asshole. i know i don’t want some of you out there to succeed. it is a selfish desire. i want to succeed at this craft. i am better. i know i am. i am because i believe it in the depths of my heart. when i sit in my room, gazing at my screen, pondering life and all its mysteries, when i am at my dock lighting up when I am screaming, shouting, writing, laughing I am proving my right to be the greatest and the best and I will be damnit. I must be. It is not my doing. It is His.

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