I feel cornered more than ever now. I am at a point in my life where I discovered my purpose and the lack thereof one in others. People in this world have a choice, to choose between leading a good life and leading a bad one and I guess that some people are weak enough to rationalize their way into leading the bad one. That being said, I’ve begun to encounter this clash of ideologies on a personal, more localized level with my friends, and as a result, it has helped me understand the broader picture of the world. All the small conflicts I have with individuals are actually not small at all — that is an illusion that I am sure they capitalize on. What is true however is that this conflict between believer and disbeliever has been raging on since the beginning of time. It is manifested in both the most important, attention demanding incidents of our daily lives and in the small, nuisances of our daily lives. If you pay close enough attention the lines will be drawn. When the grass is cut the snakes will show, and in my eyes they’ve already been showing themselves for so long, it is just more and more apparent these days who is good and who is bad. Friends are not friends. They will turn on you. Good friends are closer to truth, love and happiness. They will respect your space and your dignity. Bad friends won’t and they have a whole range of ludicrous ideas why they won’t. In the end you know why people choose evil — it’s because they don’t believe they need God’s help. In their eyes they are God. In their eyes they create purpose and knowledge and life — only to find shortly after that what they’ve done is manifest evil in its darkest form.

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