God Free Me

Sometimes we do things because society or our parents or our religion tells us to do it. Sometimes those things are stupid, like cutting off friends, or becoming paranoid about people and not trusting them. I’ve been a victim of it. It really sucks because you begin to become paranoid and stuff, about people around and you start to question whether or not you will regret this or that decision. I cut some of the closest friends to me out of my life for whatever reason, because I was afraid of getting caught in commitments, because of nonsense and lies that corrupt our minds and make us do stupid shit.

Even worse now I am stressed by low money. My last name is Krikorian and I think I am en elitist royalty and yet I am living in this democratic rags-to-riches nation called America where all men are treated and regarded equally expecting to achieve greatness.

This struggle. Everyday. My heart thumping. The subconscious worry of not doing the traditional right thing. The worry about speaking out and getting spurned for my curiosity.

I want to say things like Fuck Israel and Religion openly. I want to challenge all the lies we are fed everyday. I want to challenge all limits on all our desires. I want to challenge contemporary wisdom that tells us to fear “too much freedom”, as if something Hitler-resque will take over if we speak our minds and spread truth.

Fuck this nonsense about people being sensitive.

Ask questions. Even in hard times.

Question 9/11. Question the NRA. Question America. Question Obama. Question Morality.

Do not stand idle. Do not be afraid. Fear leads us to destroy the things we love. Don’t be a slave and a pawn in the modern world.

People are so damn sensitive these days. You can’t even ask questions like WHY IS SOCIALISM BAD without people thinking you are a communist, an extremist, and anti-american.

You can’t question anything these days without hurting somebody’s feelings, which is complete bullshit. This perpetuates ignorance and in fact stimulates it.

If there’s anything I like about Trinidad James it’s his philosophy of do you.

In his words, oh humanity, I say to you:


I need a cigarette and some green now.

P.S. Its like people are afraid we’ll lose ourselves as a human race, our innocence, our truth and compassion if we are too free. This is a lie. We will be free. Do not allow the ignorance of self-deprivation lead you to jealousy of those who have attained greatness. Instead, seek their greatness. Admire them. Love them. Applaud them. Pursue your destiny!

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