Congratulations Mr. President, and America!

I really revel in President Obama’s victory. Glad to see him re-inaugurated.

It’s wonderful to observe American culture from my perspective. I am a 0 generation immigrant from Syria and pretty soon I’ll be fully American. To me, this is all new and yet so familiar, seeing as how I was educated in America since I was 6. I will say that I truly enjoyed the education system and the knowledge I learned as well as the experiences it taught me. It helps me connect with my Americanism.

Deep down, I am an American to the core in so many ways. I am a spiritualist. An enlightenment thinker. I read, I learn, I understand. I want things to improve. Naturally. Moderately. Righteously.

I pray for good things to come. Congratulations Mr. President. Congratulations America. Let’s hope and pray for the best, for us and humanity altogether.

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