Notes on Liberalism, America, Israel and Global Power

Why doesn’t Israel want a cooperative relationship between Iran and the United States?  

Who wants to keep the world divided and why? To secure economic interests that violate human rights and individual rights. Theft. 

What systems are “evil” and how do they perpetuate their existence? Anti-individualistic ones. Systems that break the will of the individual soul. These include systems of extreme natures, like communism, socialism, fascism, religious fundamentalism, religious fanaticism, democratic-mob-rule, etc. 

Who benefits off unjust laws and decisions? Elitists who own valuable resources like oil and natural gas but non-democratically, and non-capitalistically, but rather, by arbitrary, irrational mandate usually justified by some religious extreme such as Zionism, Islamism, Naziism, etc.

Where do these injustices exist in the world? The Middle East. 


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