The Game: U.S., Russia, Israel, Syria, Iran & Saudi Arabia

Syria writes to the U.N. that it has a right of retaliation against Israel because of a recent attack on Syrian facilities.

Some argue this is a ploy used by the Syrian government to make it seem like they loyal to the Arab cause and struggle against foreign occupation. Others see it is as part of Β a long standing Syrian foreign policy — to defend itself against foreigners, and especially against direct attacks, including those perpetrated directly by foreign nations like Israel, the U.S., France, U.K., etc.

In her farewell address as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton reaffirmed her position that Iran and Russia are fueling the conflict in Syria. On the other end of the spectrum, Iran and Russia allege Western forces (Israel, Oil Companies, Military Industrial Complex, Governments) are funding terrorists in an effort to topple Assad and eventually to destabilize Tehran.

Who suffers?

Innocent people.

Moreover, the principles of freedom, the right to pursue happiness, and the possibility of achieving individual autonomy diminish altogether, and what ensues is collective misery.

This is international politics.

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