It is astonishing how ignorant people can be. What is upsetting is that I try to ignore the world’s ignorance in order not to clash with it but it seems to come looking for me. I can’t run from it — it’s everywhere. It is in my friends, it is in my family, it is in my nation, it is in my home country, it is in the world everywhere, and we are all negatively affected by it. I am forced to deal with it first hand and I find ways to rationalize its existence by blaming myself somehow. I will say things to myself like, oh, he disrespected me because he is insecure. Oh, he spoke to me that way because of this reason, or that reason. But why should anyone have to excuse the behavior of others? I used to be so angry at a set group of people, and I have been pushing my anger aside for so long, partly because I don’t have to courage to separate myself and return to a life of individual solitude. While I like this sort of life, the social life is nice too. There is far too much ungratefulness in this life though, for any of that social happiness. People are shallow, ignorant, cocky, meaningless, and as a result they contribute to — perhaps indirectly — to machine of evil in this world, which robs people of their dignity and their natural rights. The fight between friends and family members and enemies stretches all the way to the conflict between the Arab World and Israel, between Pakistan and India, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is the battle between good and evil, and while evil must be defeated, the good must make sense of everything and find in itself the will to fulfill its own destiny.Β 

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