So much pain and frustration in my heart,

It physically hurts,

It beats and thumps strangely because I don’t get it out,

Because I keep doubting myself,

And because I don’t stand up for myself,

I feel there is a bubble in my heart, just clogging the flow of blood,

The bubble of uncertainty, but I kid you not, I can feel it,

It hurts.


I sit there wondering, and the voices creep into my head,

They sound like loved ones, but they got no love,

Only hate and doubt, only concern and negativity.


And all I have is anger, questions and desires

that I am told I should not have, that I should regulate,

because people are pussies and they are scared to stand up for themselves,

and they’d rather be whores and listen to people tell them what to do.


Fuck that. Fuck this system. This is not living.


I want whatever the hell I want why should that matter to you.



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