Wish I was free, living on my own, alone. Could spend time with my friends and my loved ones whenever I please, do whatever I can afford to whenever I please; work towards a better, more prosperous future; pursue my passions. But here, I cannot do that. I am subject to the weakness of others. The weakness of those who cannot stand on their own. I wish to take care of myself and my mother. This must be done. I want to live and do as I please, come and go as I please. I cannot do that here. Religious fanatics and ideological fanatics will tell you otherwise. Β I just want inner peace and fulfillment. That isn’t so much to ask. All I can do is pray at this point; perhaps soon I will achieve these goals. Once my immigration situation is fully resolved and I can focus entirely on my finances then I am okay. I wouldn’t mind moving but I need my friends. Who are my buddies? I can make new friends too, but still I like my friends. People I can trust, love, learn to love. I do need a new crew though, new people, new faces. I need to make real friends. Brothers. That relationship I used to have and yearn for. But here I am surrounded by idiots, fakes, unambitious people who live in clouds. It is Orlando for crying out loud. So much bullshit and fake enterprise. It’s a tourist destination for hell’s sake. I need to be in school. A good school. Go study politics in D.C. or New York. Get involved with friends, make new social networks, get involved with more people in the professional realm. I would love to meet some classy educated women too. There is none of that here, and if there are they are already married or out of sight cause its the suburbs of Disneyland. I’m 24 and I am nearing that point in my life. Who will stick around with me till the end? I have my ideas.Β 

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