Sitting here with all these academics at FSU has me thinking about studying again. It would be nice to get back into academia, for social, economic as well as philosophical purposes. But this is not my realm any longer. It perhaps never was, but rather, just a temporal and circumstantial desire, born out of my inner yearnings for social global justice, especially in the Middle East.

I must say I want to preach my philosophy of social liberalism (sexuality, drugs, relations, intimacy, openness) as well as my economic philosophy of moderate individual liberalism fused with democratic socialism.

In my art, all of these facets of my thinking, my soul, my mind, my being, will be addressed, for now it has become more clear to me than ever, in the wake of my fortified faith in God, (the Benevolent, All-Powerful, Perfect God) and the mere passing of time and experience, that art, the expression of human emotions, feelings, desires through visual and musical beauty.

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