Ben Affleck getting sued by Iran?

Well this isn’t the first time Iran complains about Hollywood portraying it in a bad light.

My first response was oh come on Iran, as would the responses of most people, especially Americans and Europeans — at least I would assume so.

Iran isn’t a free country and hates the truth, so anytime it is portrayed in films or any form of art it always plays the victim card.

But really, does Argo portray Iran inaccurately and unfairly?

I would have to view the film my self to truly judge, which I now plan to do.

Before doing so though, I thought I’d share some pre-viewing thoughts so as to see whether my opinions change.

I believe Iran may have a point in being upset, but I also think it is doing a poor job of communicating its message, or the message underlying its reaction to the film, which is that the Muslim world is tired of being portrayed as uncivilized.

Have politics crept into entertainment? Is Iran really the Fourth Reich, as conservative pundits love to call it? Or are all these attempts by some Westerners to spread anti-Iranian propaganda?

These are all possible assertions. What matters to me is whether or not Iran can reinvent its global image in the light of a more liberal America and a more liberal American president.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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