Arabs are so easily manipulated.

Israel is laughing at all the Arabs calling for revolution in Egypt and Syria.


Because these revolutions are farce — only distractions orchestrated by Israel to distract Arabs from the real problem — Israeli expansionism and intervention in Arab affairs. 

Meanwhile the House of Saud (the entire Gulf for that matter), the King of Jordan, and half of Lebanon sit on their asses and reap the benefits of anarchical capitalism and conservative sociological platforms.

When will the Arabs learn?

When will the Arabs abandon pretentiousness?

If you have abandoned truth and justice for glory and fame and vanity, then you are not Arab. You are a pawn of the imperialist.  

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  1. And of course the Turks are always quick to corroborate with Israelis in order to secure their hegemony. Turks don’t speak for Palestinians. You are not even Arab. Do not use the guise of religion to make false claims about your sympathies for the Palestinian people. Pretentious efforts to appear virtuous in the media only prove the ignorance and shallowness of the Turkish government.

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