Israeli Mobilization

Israel has announced that it will be establishing new military intelligence outposts inside the UAE. Some sources say that the move was made to intimidate Iran. Could be true.

It is obvious that every country in the Gulf is a pawn of global corporate interests. Just like Israel, these fake countries were carved out of the Middle East in order to gain geopolitical advantage in the region. Think about it, Saudi Arabia is named after one tribe. Technically it should be Arabia, land of all arab tribes.

But this is nothing new. I just think it is funny that Saudis portray themselves as believers when in reality, they are merely Islamists paranoid about losing their power. They manipulate the authenticity of Islam so that it fits their agenda, and they corroborate with terrorists, terrorist nations like Israel, and any global force that supports their unjust establishments.

How can you dare to claim to be Arab and allow Israeli intelligence to work in your country? Pathetic fools. You are the scum of the Middle East, traitors to the cause of justice and righteousness. You’ve sold your soul to the devil.

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