The World to Come

I’m here debating where it is I’m headed. I have my trust, and my doubts. Perhaps the latter being  ungrateful. As human as I am I cannot help it. Seems to me everyday I debate the same things and yet I am still reliant on the one true thing I believe in, the one thing that not only is true to all but special to me – what some in this world have sought to strip me of. I believe God protects me and I am sick of the fear I have used to pity the fools with and I am especially sick of feeling undermined which, based on the virtue of a perfect Lord, cannot be done. The demons try to shake you up but they are nothing but just that – demons. I’ve been on a quest for my name for some time now, and I think there is a correlation between these two conflicts – the more I look into it, everything is directly connected and correlated to each other. So who am I? Many things. And when is it going to come that I just do all of them and stop with all the reservations? Here I indulge a fatalist, destitute thought process, coupled with another extreme, and another extreme. But I am me. Artist. Messenger. Son of Yahweh. Elohim. Allah. Islam. I am a semite from the Middle East and I come from two worlds – three even. With all these bloods and spirits combined they formed me – to which the devil shouts narcissist. The devil is a narcissist who hates other narcissists. So if we are all narcissists who is wrong? The one in denial and ascetic self-deprivation or at least the one who tries to prevent self-expression for the sake of preserving power. So much thinking. But I am a genius, to your inner devil – your inner hypocrite/demon. I see myself and the Lord. Allah. Elohim. Do not question Daniel. March forth. How did I obtain this name and how has my father the jew boy who is also armenian suffered? Ah, now I feel too much is being released but perhaps what this is my own personal journal through which I discover myself and my path and through which I attain not only peace but complete peace – mental solitude/perfection. The state of mind I’ve always been in in which I am merely – ME. 

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