Really putting things into perspective. Realty is quite odd. The place I am and struggle to realize — to come to terms with. Still, everyday. Trying to convince my self of so much and learning the vanities of life meanwhile. All these fears and illusions which hold us back. Sometimes they seem illusory. Like nothing even existed from the start. Struggling to get where I am going with all these paranoias in mind. Its the struggle. This is where ideas like socialism and beliefs come into appeal. This is also where originality and spontaneity are born — the products of infinite choices. Wow.Β 

Am I hostage to fatalism, what is this angry prison I’ve been in,

Searching for John Lennon’s wisdom in all the symbolism,

Let a rock hit him, something to soften him,

I’m rotting but only from the scoffing at my shoe.

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