I don’t seem to understand man, they keep pulling on my rubber bands,

trying to keep my mind focus but they keep on infiltrating in,

wake up in the morning make some music everyday and shit,

this a lifestyle, all you jus faking it,

music is my favorite bitch, never do me dirty like them hoes and them fuck boys

yall should wear ya bitches clothes, she at concert, ill be at different show,

danny you such a monster, deep down i ponder,

where do these demons really wander, feeling somber,

life is a bitch to conquer, i don’t have the energy to bother,

fuck, i’ll kick the bucket, like a custodian, you learn to live and love it,

standing on the podium, speaking of a future so draconian,

eastern pouring in, a beast, nothing beats, D krikorian,

Armenian Emporium, Headed north like I’m Korean,

In America losing my religion like R.E.M….

the Nightmare is when the party ends…

and i’ma lace the shoes for you later,

gotta alot shit to do before i can help you become greater,

i need to be me, maybe that’ll help you find a way up…

it’s not hard to make to the top, its harder to stay up.

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