Will Freedom Steal Freedom?


#Conservatives’ latest reactions to #Putin’s involvement in #Ukraine is more proof that the conservative body has no ideology that it is consistently loyal to, and that in reality its beliefs are not concrete — they don’t even believe in conservatism. They call Putin a dictator yet they hail him as a boss for challenging Obama. I thought Putin was the enemy of America? The liar has no religion; no creed; no ideology. He is void; the anti-thesis of being and truth. Democratic individualism is a problem only because; on one end it provides honest classical liberals with an outlet for individual success; but also provides conservative individuals for an outlet to abuse freedom of expression to spread war-propaganda and fuel interests abroad (usually in non-democratic nations like Saudi and Israel). It also causes individuals to misunderstand leftist non-democracies that are struggling to resist forces of extremism in their own countries. The problem then is the existence of fundamentalism amongst particular masses – and the lack of ability to utilize authority to stifle fanatical attempts to disrupt secular-democratic-individualism and general prosperity. The crown jewel of this condition is Syria, where it has maintained secularism and a relatively lenient liberal social system (relative to other middle eastern countries) ย by remaining a non-majoritarian democracy and suppressing forces like islamic fundamentalism that profess to work under a ‘democratic’ agenda but still tout sharia law. This reality goes to show that the real problem lies in the freedom of individuals to be anarchical. Is that not a oxymoron? When freedom strips freedom. Only until the forces of extremism are defeated and undermined – put in positions where they cannot attain power – can a true democracy flourish where authority is not centralized and concentrated. The global socialist resistance is regarded as the thief but in reality the thief is the anarcho-capitalist who prefers evil, power, and jealousy over genuine freedom and resistance against tyranny. America is not the great satan. Republicans are. Syria is not a socialist-gestapo state – it is a resistance state awaiting freedom from the shackles of imperialism cast upon it by Israeli zionists and Saudi wahhabis. Nobody in these countries wants authoritative governments but if I had to choose between a Syrian King and an Israeli King – I would choose the Syrian King.

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