[NEW MUSIQ] KRIKOS – Word of Mouth (prod. KRIKOS)

artwork/produced by @KRIKOS88
professional inquiries KRIKOSofficial@gmail.com
#RiseoftheEasternSonLP available now on SoundCloud!


U buffoon I came from the moon
You envy what you can’t do
Ain’t you the same dude who changed through and through
I guess that’s what it makes you do
I see a change in you you see a change me,
Then we came to agree, never,
Much better, you just satan to me,
Making empty statements, blank checks and petty cases,
They searchin’ for any path just to getting famous,
But homie if you do the math then you wouldn’t last, cause frankly dog you lacking the basics,
I don’t dabble in hatred I laugh at the fakeness,
you get dodged like a jab in the matrix,
went from having to take shifts to rapping with greatest,
sitting with the cameraman my eyes on the actors and the stages,
different attractions for these factions and agents,
the wait is long you must practice some patience.

yeah i move like the light force of wind
when i come in in the room
I’m more like Muhammad Rasul upon ’em
the moment i knew i would begin
step in the scene let the story begin
I’m not thru with worry,cory bring me a forty
cause I’m too scared to drive, threats of being deported
imagine living life scared to drive, most y’all live scared to ride,
just drank a fifth of vodka dare me to try?
they be like danny why r u such an arrogant guy,
u always talk out loud about what where and why,
well truth is i don’t care about what is apparent to the eye,
so stop talking like my parents tell me what to cherish in life,
fuck your appearance, i don’t care if isn’t nice,
i could give two fucks and get thru security clearance,
cause my name isn’t Islamic but closer to Clarence,
Its fucked up, when whats under your skin is hidden in the dump truck,
you dumb fuck, stupid fortune call it dumb luck,
weapons of war i got em chained down with my nunchuck,
only two important questions, whose down and what’s up?
sit down and shut up, look around,
its KRIKOS giving you the run around.

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