Does Socialism really address ALL America’s problems?


With Bernie Sanders reaching new popularity peaks, it begs the question: is socialism what America needs?

It is true, our income gap is outrageous.

But financial allocation isn’t the only problem.

We have a cultural issue here in America that brandishes all caucasians as authentic Americans and the non as guests in their own home; despite this being the true home of Native America only.

I think Sanders and his school of American socialists are great on paper – but they, like Donald Trump, appeal to a socially detached constituency that doesn’t really understand the underlying factors of America’s social, political and economic ailments, which I argue, are much more ideologically based and institutionalized, then perhaps, the system of financial inequality. That is precisely what gave rise of movements like Affirmative Action.

Redistributing wealth is going to do nothing if it still means minority groups like African, Asian, Latino & Arab Americans are unable to express themselves freely without fear of reprisal or cultural appropriation by some privileged white individual.

I think it the socialist leader of America was of a minority class, he would much quicker gain the approval of the lower classes; considering the majority of the lower class happens to be non-white.

A report by the US Census Bureau documents that only 9% of white people live in poverty in the US versus almost 30% of all African-Americans.

Bernie Sander’s profile doesn’t fit his own agenda. Not to mention, he insistence on defending “Israel as the only democracy in the ME” is disheartening and inconsistent with his “moral arc”.

We’ve got a politician for each extreme brand of political ideology. That is why I liked Obama; he stood with the democrats but his political philosophy is moderate – a balance of the tenents of collectivism and individualism without an attempt to compromise either. A sort of Jeffersonian pragmatism. I see him as Bill Clinton, the quiet pragmatist, mixed with JFK, the roaring revolutionary.

Nonetheless, if both parties are smart, the final contenders for 2016 will likely be Clinton & Sanders vs. Bush & Rubio. Seeing that the latter has utterly failed in even FORMING an agenda, the former is likely to win by a landslide.

I believe that if Sanders is unafraid to correlate his republican opponents who are detached from the struggles of Americans to the Israeli fascists who have made life impossible for Palestinians – if Sanders can connect his anti-capitalism to the deterioration of American foreign policy in the post-JFK world, then we might have a candidate who isn’t just all talk. Your tweets are great Bernie, but please stop using the wondrous appeal of domestic socialism as a distraction from the horrors and havoc we wreak upon other nations around the world. That is what I fear – this city upon a hill narrative while the rest of the world eats shit.

I’m with Sanders that capitalism is a self-destructive philosophy. Nonetheless, socialism, democratic or not, may not be the solution. What will really tell is how broad of a scope Bernie’s socialism really covers – will it address the real struggles of African-Americans and other minorities? Will it stop disconnecting American domestic & foreign policy, primarily in the Middle East? If none of the realities are realized then Bernie is such another puppet with higher quality strings.

A recent article published by Al Jazeera America really inspired this article, as Sweden begins to grapple with what appears to be its own “colorblind egalitarianism”. 

“There remains a danger that Sweden’s excessive faith in its own egalitarianism and color-blindness is itself a form of visual impairment.”

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