Danny K’s Top 10 Rappers of All Time


  1. Em
  2. Jay
  3. Wayne
  4. Big
  5. Pac
  6. Nas
  7. Danny K
  8. Kendrick
  9. Drake
  10. Cole
  11. 50 cent
The top 3 are my personal favorite and who I see as the most consistently best rappers in throughout their careers, relatively speaking. The further down the list you go the less consistent the rappers’ discography becomes. Jay Z on the other hand displayed continuity, consistency & maturity in 444. Eminem disappointed some fans with Revival, despite doing a good deed by standing for the culture with The Storm, his last best project was not coincidentally Dr. Dre-produced: Relapse. His best 4 albums, featured the most Dr. Dre production, SSLP, MMLP, The Eminem Show & Relapse. The bottom 7 songs are my favorite and what I see as Jay-Z’s best songs. Many have their own personal favorites, but these do something different for me. They are personal, and intimate.
  1. Feelin’ It
  2. Dead Presidents 2
  3. December 4th
  4. Encore
  5. The Ruler’s Back
  6. Can I Live
  7. Coming of Age

I made this Jay-Z list initially because these would likely be the only songs I’d add to my personally curated list of the greatest songs of all time, spanning all genres & time periods, but I could not include his songs since his music is exclusive to TIDAL, which I respect.

I debated between 50 cent & Kanye for number 11, ironically & coincidentally.Β Kanye would be higher, but I lost respect for him, and his more recent projects have less soul, since Graduation. 50 has kind of fallen off; but his first two albums, and subsequent singles with G-Unit were timeless and earned him a permanent place in the canon of Hip-Hop’s Hall of Fame.
Here is a link to my Spotify playlist. Enjoy my personal experience with this wondrous universe of music spanning and embodying true musical originality, craftiness, diversity, authenticity & musicality.
Honestly I see Jay-Z & Eminem as tied at first; but considering my style, although I am influenced highly by both and listen to both a lot, my style is very much a reincarnation of Eminem. So I’ve got to be true to myself. My music, my voice, flow and content. I would say what I borrow from Jay Z’s influence mostly is his sense of being cultured; and that is where my heritage and ethnicity come into play. I rap like Eminem, but I was raised like Jay.

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