Dear Mama

Every ethnic boy’s most important person in his life is his mother. His father and the rest of his family too of course. But there is a special bond between mother and son. I knew I achieved my greatest goal when my mother looked at me and said, Danny, I am so proud of you, you have become a man now. You are my love. You are now the man of the house. Dear Papito, you are the most loyal father anyone could ask for. You, Jiddo Yervant, & Jiddo Rajaie (Allah Yerhamon) are my shining examples. Mom, my queen, you have blessed this boy with the most important words he could ever hear. I shed tears writing this. God keep you all by my side. And may I find a wife who has your qualities, beautiful both inside and out, who is there for me in my highs and my lows, and who reminds me of your unmatched spirit. God watches over us, as you said. He is always there for us. I am truly grateful.

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