Do We Dare?

Why can’t it last, that feeling of bliss, That sense of love, which now I miss, Now that I’m here, instead of there, In shattering loneliness and despair, These cuffs of skin, these brussels of hair, And all the body, this source of sin, Why should I ever have to give in, Can I notContinue reading “Do We Dare?”

Wine, Whine & Dine

Look there, over in the distance, Where men and women dance away, Drunk and fly, happy and high, Smiling and laughing, without a worry. And in the ballroom, where a gentleman plays, The piano man drunk with wine, Oh what else would be on his mind, But the luscious lady from yesterday. She, like fire,Continue reading “Wine, Whine & Dine”

Advice for Bashar: Do like your father and get rid of your brother!

Instead of demanding that Bashar al-Assad abandon his post as Syrian President as most Western powers continue to do, another option is to pressure Assad to do like his father: get rid of his crazed brother Maher al-Assad. Like his father, Hafez al-Assad, Bashar is “blessed” with a maniacal brother who is power-hungry and barbaric.Continue reading “Advice for Bashar: Do like your father and get rid of your brother!”

The Tree of Knowledge

What truth doth lie in this delightful fruit, That falls so graciously from this tree? Dear God, in it, a secret must be! Surely creation ought taste heavenly! Oh ye who wishes to be free, Eat and be wise, thou art godly, This shining apple, take bite and see, What God hath forbade you–mortality.

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