Premier: “The Man” (music video)

It is my honor to announce the release of “Lead by Example” by freshman & upcoming artist, producer & director Danny K. Presented by Krikorian Records LLC ©, the album will be streamable on Spotify 7.7.18; the music video for the single, “The Man” is out now drops at 8PM on 7.1.18 on YouTube. AccessContinue reading “Premier: “The Man” (music video)”

News: ‪“The Man” music video premieres on YouTube TN. 8PM. Eastern.‬

“The Man” music video premiere on YouTube TN. 8PM. Eastern. Find it also at The full album “Lead by Example” drops 7.7.18. Produced engineered directed recorded & written by Danny K™️. Presented by Krikorian Records LLC©️.

News: Stream “Lead by Example” by Danny K on 7-7-18 via Spotify!

Humbly announce the release of my album Lead by Example™ on Spotify on 7-7-18. The project is a 7-track album produced, written & engineered by Danny Krikorian aka Danny K™, and is presented to you by Krikorian Records LLC ©. Each song features an Armenian vinyl sample coupled with MPC & Kontakt drums. One songContinue reading “News: Stream “Lead by Example” by Danny K on 7-7-18 via Spotify!”

Who Elected Trump? Not Americans

The newer America that elected Obama did not elect Trump. You know who did? The Totalitarian International. The Totalintern. A unified force between all the fringed sides & angles of the political spectrum; left and right, up and down, diagonal, etc. Putin. Erdogan. Maduro. Assad. Sisi. MBS. Boris Johnson. Le Pen. Aliyev. Kim Jong Un. XiContinue reading “Who Elected Trump? Not Americans”

Danny K’s Top 10 Rappers of All Time

Em Jay Wayne Big Pac Nas Danny K Kendrick Drake Cole 50 cent The top 3 are my personal favorite and who I see as the most consistently best rappers in throughout their careers, relatively speaking. The further down the list you go the less consistent the rappers’ discography becomes. Jay Z on the otherContinue reading “Danny K’s Top 10 Rappers of All Time”

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