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The misery of the struggle to attain ideal happiness is almost unbearable. The system is made to break down and destroy. I hate to sound so philosophical but it’s true. I’m trying to stay real, faithful and honest. I am just worried about my desires. Like, I want them to be satisfied. Look at me.Continue reading “Trouble”

A Free Affaire

What is ‘want’, but a never ending torment of what we cannot have? Oh, I die inside, for what I wish to have. A war on the inside, Ā a war on the outside, that is want. It is the things I want. The magic. The freedom. The innovation. Yet, this specter of nihilism and religiousContinue reading “A Free Affaire”

youth in asia

My pride is rising, Perhaps that is a bad thing, Sometimes it’s a good thing, in this life. When I wake up for a cigarette, Make music they pay for, Love for, cry for, I’ll be delighted then. Remember Michigan? Cold air and grey buildings, misty breathe and my hotel by the mall, the largestContinue reading “youth in asia”

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