it all began with that and coalesced into this πŸ’šπŸ’Ώ

Tha ephemeral, cosmic, nebular, eternal aesthetic πŸ’š the STORY of DANNY K 😊

Danny K – Vortex in My Mind (Official Video)

Here it is everyone. My very first official music video for the single “Vortex in My Mind”. I directed, and edited the shoot. I wrote, performed, produced & engineered the track. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more new music.

Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them. Here’s How:

“Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them.” is the title of a new collaborative EP being released by Nas & Frederich Nietzche. But all jokes aside. Here is my explanation: This reality, or my perception of it rather, is not necessarily a bad thing. Albums are just EPs with a bunch of fillers that artistsContinue reading “Albums are Dead. And Streaming Killed Them. Here’s How:”


2018 will be a year I will never forget. I went through the most extreme difficulties and challenges in my life. I was denied healthcare in the midst of a mental health crisis. I was betrayed by the closest of my friends and business partners whom I grew up with, and suffered from abusive relations.Continue reading “2018”

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