as if for the first time

in everything there is an answer, in your smile; in his; in the way we laugh, when, like kids, we kiss…

deep in the cage

my heart thumped, I felt weak, and fell to my knees, awe struck, that I could preach autonomy, how fragile I am, without God. I fear to speak, to say my feelings, for what they’ll do to spite me, I cannot help what I am, a frail man, seeking refuge, in my Lord. on daysContinue reading “deep in the cage”

oh stressful day

Oh stressful day, Go away, And burry yourself in the ashes, The ashes of forgotten days, Lost away to the stashes. Oh dreadful day, Wash away, And lose yourself to the tide, Breath until you swallow all the water, then subside. 

The Vanity Affair

  Dear All, This is a short movie titled The Vanity Affair starring yours truly, directed by a dear friend, Eli Weidinger. The music is produced by Joseph Hamoui with some minor work by me on the keys. The project was completed in a few hours over a two-day period for Campus Movie Fest at the University of South Florida. I hopeContinue reading “The Vanity Affair”

Israel & America: Is The Honeymoon Finally Over?

The honeymoon between Israel and America is being crashed. Or so it seems. This past Wednesday, Israeli intelligence services, also known as the Mossad, assassinated an Iranian nuclear scientist, prompting a critical response from U.S. government officials who, according to Foreign Policy Magazine, would rather uphold their current and less stringest strategy of placing sanctions on Iran.Continue reading “Israel & America: Is The Honeymoon Finally Over?”

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