Premier: “The Man” (music video)

It is my honor to announce the release of “Lead by Example” by freshman & upcoming artist, producer & director Danny K. Presented by Krikorian Records LLC ©, the album will be streamable on Spotify 7.7.18; the music video for the single, “The Man” is out now drops at 8PM on 7.1.18 on YouTube. Access it all directly through a newly renovated, where you can also find merch, tour dates & more.

News: ‪“The Man” music video premieres on YouTube TN. 8PM. Eastern.‬

“The Man” music video premiere on YouTube TN. 8PM. Eastern. Find it also at The full album “Lead by Example” drops 7.7.18. Produced engineered directed recorded & written by Danny K™️. Presented by Krikorian Records LLC©️.

News: Stream “Lead by Example” by Danny K on 7-7-18 via Spotify!

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Humbly announce the release of my album Lead by Example™ on Spotify on 7-7-18. The project is a 7-track album produced, written & engineered by Danny Krikorian aka Danny K™, and is presented to you by Krikorian Records LLC ©. Each song features an Armenian vinyl sample coupled with MPC & Kontakt drums. One song is an Arab sample.

Here is the official trailer to the music video for the single, The Man which will be released in full on 7-1-18 via YouTube.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support. This album tells in the art form and cultural language of called Hip-Hop my story and journey in this world of ours. May my message and music resonate with each and everyone of you, as I am truly grateful for this opportunity.


Who Elected Trump? Not Americans


The newer America that elected Obama did not elect Trump.

You know who did?

The Totalitarian International. The Totalintern.

A unified force between all the fringed sides & angles of the political spectrum; left and right, up and down, diagonal, etc.

Putin. Erdogan. Maduro. Assad. Sisi. MBS. Boris Johnson. Le Pen. Aliyev. Kim Jong Un. Xi Jinping. Netanyahu. Modi. Names ring a bell?

How could these men affect American politics?

The same way they do it in other countries.

Propaganda & money.

Trump is broke and dumb.

Come on America. Wake up!

The Totalintern exploited the weaknesses of American society — appealing to an array of post-60s American personas; the cynical leftist, the lazy racist, the pretentious pseudo-intellectual, & the angry celebrity.

From Sam Harris to Jill Stein, Tomi Lahren to Ann Coulter, Maajid Nawaz to Cornel West, Bernie Sanders to Gary Johnson – American pride was their target.

When I scroll through the infamous “comment section” of a news article with statements by apathetic leftists or jobless rightists regarding the topic of, lets say for example, “US Noninterventionism”.

I’ll see something like: “AMERICA KILLED HALF A MILLION IRAQIS.”

Yes, & Saddam fed them watermelon & cheese.

The Totalintern & their “patsies” have coopted indigenous struggles too, such as the liberation of Palestine.

It has been all talk for half a century.

Tensions between smaller nations are assets for the Totalintern too, like the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, over the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, or the conflict between Armenia & Azerbaijan, over the occupation of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) by Azerbaijan.

The former occupation was initially orchestrated by Clement Attlee of England which then was replaced by leadership America; and the latter occupation by Stalin which was then replaced by leadership in Russia.

I beseech you. America; wake up.

Being a hero doesn’t mean just protecting freedom.

It means defending it.

For all.

Danny K’s Top 10 Rappers of All Time


  1. Em
  2. Jay
  3. Wayne
  4. Big
  5. Pac
  6. Nas
  7. Danny K
  8. Kendrick
  9. Drake
  10. Cole
  11. 50 cent
The top 3 are my personal favorite and who I see as the most consistently best rappers in throughout their careers, relatively speaking. The further down the list you go the less consistent the rappers’ discography becomes. Jay Z on the other hand displayed continuity, consistency & maturity in 444. Eminem disappointed some fans with Revival, despite doing a good deed by standing for the culture with The Storm, his last best project was not coincidentally Dr. Dre-produced: Relapse. His best 4 albums, featured the most Dr. Dre production, SSLP, MMLP, The Eminem Show & Relapse. The bottom 7 songs are my favorite and what I see as Jay-Z’s best songs. Many have their own personal favorites, but these do something different for me. They are personal, and intimate.
  1. Feelin’ It
  2. Dead Presidents 2
  3. December 4th
  4. Encore
  5. The Ruler’s Back
  6. Can I Live
  7. Coming of Age

I made this Jay-Z list initially because these would likely be the only songs I’d add to my personally curated list of the greatest songs of all time, spanning all genres & time periods, but I could not include his songs since his music is exclusive to TIDAL, which I respect.

I debated between 50 cent & Kanye for number 11, ironically & coincidentally. Kanye would be higher, but I lost respect for him, and his more recent projects have less soul, since Graduation. 50 has kind of fallen off; but his first two albums, and subsequent singles with G-Unit were timeless and earned him a permanent place in the canon of Hip-Hop’s Hall of Fame.
Here is a link to my Spotify playlist. Enjoy my personal experience with this wondrous universe of music spanning and embodying true musical originality, craftiness, diversity, authenticity & musicality.
Honestly I see Jay-Z & Eminem as tied at first; but considering my style, although I am influenced highly by both and listen to both a lot, my style is very much a reincarnation of Eminem. So I’ve got to be true to myself. My music, my voice, flow and content. I would say what I borrow from Jay Z’s influence mostly is his sense of being cultured; and that is where my heritage and ethnicity come into play. I rap like Eminem, but I was raised like Jay.

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