Syria ‘in a state of complete war’ with terrorism – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW)

On Obama & ISIS

Most political critics won’t even hold an opinion anymore – they prefer to hold grudges. All the modern Middle Eastern conflicts could bend in the direction of justice today and yet it is almost as if they’d be disappointed – they’d have nothing left to criticize. It is one thing to constructively criticize a political tyrant – it is anotherContinue reading “On Obama & ISIS”

Bashar al-Assad interview with Barbara Walters

Insight into Syria.

President Bashar al-Assad delivers speech on January 10th, 2012

The following is my written version of the speech delivered by President Bashar al-Assad on January 10th, 2012. We try to encourage awareness in the country. Still, there is some ignorance in the country effecting conditions here… Internal reforms are clear. Progress and advancement should still carry on. What is happening in Syria is beingContinue reading “President Bashar al-Assad delivers speech on January 10th, 2012”

Part II: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad

As Part II of my segment on the Full Barbara Walters interview with Bashar Al-Assad, which was, to our intellectual misfortune, not aired on national television in its full length, I will provide the highlights of the interview, summarizing key points and, more specifically, those that have been largely overlooked by analysts, the media, andContinue reading “Part II: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad”

Part I: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was recently interviewed by American journalist Barbara Walters in the first official interview by a western journalist since Syria became the center of international attention last February. Walters asked Assad if he believed he still had the support of his people after having commanded what the international community has referred toContinue reading “Part I: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad”

Syria vs. the Arab League

A League of despots, clerics, and Kings has taken it upon itself to be the harbinger of justice in the Middle East. According to a New York Times article by Neil MacFarquhar and Nada Bakri, the Arab League made the claim that it does not intend to depose the Assad Regime. Instead, the Arab LeagueContinue reading “Syria vs. the Arab League”

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