We Made It in America: The Political Undertones of Pop-Culture & Hip-Hop [continued…]

In Part I of his interview with BBC broadcasted in 2009, prominent rapper & social icon Jay-Z expressed his views on many contentious issues gripping the politics of America & the international community today. The photograph above is very significant to this blog entry. It is a picture of Kanye West & Jay-Z during theirContinue reading “We Made It in America: The Political Undertones of Pop-Culture & Hip-Hop [continued…]”


As a deist who recognizes the existence of an eternal Supreme deity, I take issue with the reality that much spirituality and religion is held hostage to the dogmas of compulsion, strict adherence & fanaticism. While not all religions espouse this, as an Arab-Armenian, I am forced to witness the consequences of religious fanaticism everyday.Continue reading “Democracy?”

Guess Who?

They rushed him. Threw a black bag over his head. His cigarette was left burning on the brick plaza floor. Hours later his eyes open. The abducted gentleman has regained consciousness. He can barely make out what he sees. It looks like three men, all dressed in black garb. One of them men was clearlyContinue reading “Guess Who?”

Clarifying the Qur’an

so much potential why would I ever limit myself to one avenue? just for my pride’s sake, to prove I am “the best”? there is only One Best and I would rather use my skills righteously, justly, and purposefully. this is my theology.Β 

Noam Chomsky: The West will do whatever it can to prevent real democracy from flourishing in the Middle East. The keyword here is real.

deep in the cage

my heart thumped, I felt weak, and fell to my knees, awe struck, that I could preach autonomy, how fragile I am, without God. I fear to speak, to say my feelings, for what they’ll do to spite me, I cannot help what I am, a frail man, seeking refuge, in my Lord. on daysContinue reading “deep in the cage”

Crime & Compassion

I cannot grasp this bitter truth, That men have sold their souls to religion, Oh how I wish they could see in spirit, The God that existed before these myths. When truth became so propagated, It fell into hands sorely untrained, I watched them rape this virgin story, And birth evil children to spread theContinue reading “Crime & Compassion”


Tonight has been a special night. I haven’t felt like this in years. Thank God I do. I haven’t felt this free in a while. What happened was strange. I kind of experienced a mental breakdown. It started with these mental storms that I could not handle. I couldn’t stop thinking. I couldn’t. I didContinue reading “Unplugged”

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