Reza Aslan & Cenk Uygur-Bigotry, Fundamentalism and Neo Atheism in the Media

The List Goes On

Political and religious labels are misleading. Depending on the context, these labels change in meaning. In one context, such as Maoist China or Spain during the Civil War, republican might be defined as communist, whereas in the United States, the modern Republican is essentially a neo-conservative. In France, Republicans are centrists and the other major alternativeContinue reading “The List Goes On”

Clarifying the Qur’an

The Closet Republican

Bill Maher is a closet republican. The article below elaborates. Read more: Political comedian Bill Maher got into a heated back and forth Friday with Ben Affleck over radical Islam, with the actor saying comments Maher made about the religion were “gross and racist.” On HBO’s “Real Time,” Maher said he and author SamContinue reading “The Closet Republican”

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