Dani al-Armani

This image really captures my identity. I do think it visually symbolizes who I am – half Armenian half Arab – Syrian. My heritage includes Palestinian, Italian too. Perhaps there is more European blood from my father’s side – but nonetheless, that side of my family is vehemently Armenian. About as homogeneously Armenian as theContinue reading “Dani al-Armani”


Access your third eye, that part of you closed off by physicality. Escape the dungeon, find your spirit, and soothe your soul. Destiny awaits you.


The truth will be known then, About all my struggles, All our struggles.  


Individualism is scarce. I love when I come upon it. It is peaceful, when it is in me and when it is in those around me. It is beautiful.


I am convinced that reason, fear and paranoia are intrinsically linked. The voice in our head that tells us to question our every move and our convictions — that, is our innate desire to be pretentious; to hide from the humility of knowing that the heart is where human nature’s essence truly lies.

when all the stars align

it’s perfect.  

deep in the cage

my heart thumped, I felt weak, and fell to my knees, awe struck, that I could preach autonomy, how fragile I am, without God. I fear to speak, to say my feelings, for what they’ll do to spite me, I cannot help what I am, a frail man, seeking refuge, in my Lord. on daysContinue reading “deep in the cage”


Hell is where we go, when we say no, No to the question of: Is He above? A friend gone foe, for feeling love, Love is the enemy; love is woe.   This is negative energy; one Hell of a mind, The fire that burns; one Hell of a time, Hell is no single placeContinue reading “Hell”


It’s incredible how much we change in one single day. Our moods change. Our opinions change. Our beliefs change. Our feelings change. So much change. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why. Instead of accepting it, Iย tried to resist ย it. I thought something was wrong with me. I thought something was out of theContinue reading “D.O.G.M.A.M.G.O.D.”

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