Listen & Watch: NIKO IS – #FLOSSRemix feat. Talib Kweli (prod. KRIKOS)

[WORLD PREMIER] NIKO IS – FLOSS Remix feat. Talib Kweli (prod. KRIKOS) remixed by Thanks Joey

“Un-institutionalized democracy” compared to “institutionalized democracy.” In other words: Non-democratic countries where the majority is believed to still be in support of the regime compared to a Democratic nation where the majority is believed to be in complete support of the elected administration. Did — the majority of — Venezuelans really hate Chavez? Do —Continue reading

Pemex Oil Explosion Raises Question

Why does Mexico, which is supposed to be a democracy, run a STATE-owned oil company known as Pemex? Does this not violate Western traditions of free markets and liberalism? Ah, I get it. In this case, state-socialism in foreign nations is beneficial to the West. Pick and choose, you know?

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