PhD Proposal: Accounting for Differences in Outcome of the Arab Spring

    Research Questions, Hypotheses & Variables: Why did the Arab Spring affect states differently? What accounts for these differences in outcome? This article seeks to address that very question. In this research, I extend “Wimmer et al’s” model of ethnic conflict & exclusion to include ethno-religious groups in the Middle East. Ample literature hasContinue reading “PhD Proposal: Accounting for Differences in Outcome of the Arab Spring”

The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?

There is a disconnect between national policy and international relations. The decision to leave the EU by the UK, or “Brexit”, is a symbol of that disconnect. But in order to understand the origins of this decision, it is important to highlight the UK’s tradition of reluctance and hesitation towards the EU since its inception.Continue reading “The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?”

Evaluating the ‘Party of God’: Hezbollah, Conflict & Justice

To determine Hezbollah’s overall success, the rather limited literature on the subject focuses on the organizations political achievements as well as their military achievements in the region (Norton 2007). This is primarily because Hezbollah functions both as a political party in the Lebanese government, as well as an armed militia, a status that has notContinue reading “Evaluating the ‘Party of God’: Hezbollah, Conflict & Justice”

An Interview with Adonis

This is an excerpt of a recent interview with Syrian-exiled poet Adonis taken from the New York Review of Books. The renaissance needs time. Our society, during the fifteen centuries since the foundation of the first Islamic state, has not been able to establish a society of citizens. With a citizen’s duties come rights. Until now,Continue reading “An Interview with Adonis”

Arab Liberalism, Culture & Art

I praise Christianity in our Arab community for their loyalty to social liberalism. Islam is a socially liberal and collectively egalitarian philosophy. This Wahhabi Saudi twist is dogma and is likened to Limbaugh’s Christianity. Let us show the world the truth and enlightenment of intellectual islam; and how it is incompatible with extremism and politicalContinue reading “Arab Liberalism, Culture & Art”

No Peace? #Peace? I think that is an illusion. Conflict theory all day. It is all a political game. Israel’s convenience to the West is slowly expiring– how so? Funny…America is no longer COMPLETELY ruled by an arbitrary, unrepresentative, elusive class. Our African-American president is less devoted to American #imperialism than his predecessors, investing his timeContinue reading “No Peace?”

Why go back and forth in our heads? If we know what is right, why go back on it? There is no need. There is one God. There is no religion for He has no religion. We are all free. Do as you wish and be free. Those who enslave you and cause you miseryContinue reading

Hesitant as hell to release my music. I have faith it will be great and it will get the attention it deserves, and that I will be free to myself once its done, in every aspect of my life I will be free, but yet I am hesitant. I need to do videos, pics andContinue reading

There is this general assumption that you cannot pursue your individual happiness through faith in God, especially because conservatives have robbed religion from what I see as its intended form. Anybody who has a problem with this perspective wants something he shouldn’t…something beyond happiness…beyond decency. 

Don’t be afraid to point out injustices because you might be proven wrong. Injustices are injustices if that is how you perceive them. Let them out. Express them honestly and civilly. 

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