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Analyzing Political Undertones in Pop Culture Through Art

There is generally speaking a list of artistic works that, despite their aesthetic greatness, are either historically misrepresentative & inaccurate or merely biased in context and coverage. Some do justice, some don’t. Perception all depends on which angle you look at the subject. I wish for justice for all, but we must recognize, expose & bring to justice those distinct forces which causeContinue reading “Analyzing Political Undertones in Pop Culture Through Art”


#TheWorldtoCome COMING SOON!

Sometimes we forget the horrors of slavery. We forget the horrors of our own suffering. I remember though. I remember very well. Now even, I fear it. I want my truth. I want my freedom, Lord.

Being the son of an Armenian Christian father and a Muslim Syrian mother is more than a blessing. It has so much beauty and richness in it. The spirit of culture and the human soul — angelic.

All our skills are different. We are all different. We all need each other. 


Life is not about being the best; it is about loving what you do, and doing it the way you want to do it. Events in the Middle East are so predictable. The world is so pretentious. As is America. This whole world full of people and systems and social constructs that pin us againstContinue reading “Rambles”

The Social Network

Watching it for the third time with my buddies. We’re about a third of the way through it, and I must say, I reserve the same sentiment I felt the first time I watched it. Mark Zuckerberg was a geek, and he wasn’t humble about it. Instead of looking inward and trying to be theContinue reading “The Social Network”

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