One Syrian Boy’s Plea via Al Jazeera America

via Al Jazeera America.

What is ‘True?’

Ignorance is convincing yourself of what isn’t true. 

Fear and Controlling

They used fear long enough to control us. Now that we know we aren’t wrong, we can stand up for ourselves. No need to be scared, p***ies. 


you think there’s a perfect girl for every dude out there, like each guys ideal girl, or you think its all a figment of our imagination playing tricks on us, whereas all we really want is the honey? i think we want it all. everything. what we actually get just depends on what decides toContinue reading “Beauty”


for the sake of that which we are incapable of attaining.


Preach to the world o Daniel, Proud follower of the Lord, Believer in Compassion, Mercy, and Love.   It is you I’ve chosen, You I’ve anointed, To free humanity from itself, and into my Kingdom.   God is in the heart,  Proclaim His greatness, Fear not the proclamation, Fear not society.   Fear not whatContinue reading “Preach”

the circus

A gullible man to fairy tales, He ran away and joined the circus, Thinking he would ever find, A ways away from space and time. And when he did to his surprise, He found an end to his demise, A locust swarm of hidden lies, Appeared and ravaged a past once worthless.

a stream of consequence

All I want is to work, Until at some point I may find, The opportunity to succeed, In doing what I do best. Creativity, that art which flows, so naturally to me composed, of all the emotions I have yet, None of which I do regret. Only then may I find, A peace that isContinue reading “a stream of consequence”

a swelling

a world of words, cooler than air, often a hell, for those in despair, like I, in those moments when, everything seems so swell.

Fermenting Anger

A typical twilight of sorts, caught in my mind at this late hour, twisting and turning my innermost, sentiment towards power. I certainly would go for wine, a bottle of beer that I may be candid; and say to hell with all the swine, that plague this world like cancer.

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