What exactly is democracy?

The term human rights holds no weight… It’s something I’ve learned here in America. Whether or not it applies to the rest of the world I can’t be too sure but I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Here in America where the emphasis is on individual rebelliousness people don’t have the patienceContinue reading “What exactly is democracy?”

#theworldtocome pt. III

Capitalism is not about supply and demand according to a billionaire. That’s quite a statement. Not to say it is wrong, but it is quite a statement. This billionaire, Nick Hanauer, also believes a nation’s economy cannot grow without a strong Middle Class. According to him, supply and demand are not the foundation of anContinue reading “#theworldtocome pt. III”


  “Clearly, other people in this business, whether it be consumers or fans, or more importantly, the labels or the media, have the need to label me and package me as a conscious artistโ€ฆThe conscious rapper label correctly applies to me, because I am a conscious rapper…But this industry has demonized the term ‘consciousness,’ andContinue reading “‘CONSCIOUS’”


http://www.politicususa.com/2014/03/25/bush-sec-defense-donald-rumsfeld-compares-president-obama-trained-ape.html Mind-boggling the audacity these guys have. I am starting to believe that they are in fact the descendants of the Third Reich – as extreme as that might sound. Likening Obama to an ape is not racist according to the Right – but then again neither was the death of Trayvon Martin. It’s likeContinue reading “LE FASCISME”

Is there an anti-liberal bias on Western media outlets?

Is there an anti-liberal bias on Western media outlets? What you think?ย 

Why go back and forth in our heads? If we know what is right, why go back on it? There is no need. There is one God. There is no religion for He has no religion. We are all free. Do as you wish and be free. Those who enslave you and cause you miseryContinue reading

Noam Chomsky: The West will do whatever it can to prevent real democracy from flourishing in the Middle East. The keyword here is real.

What is ‘True?’

Ignorance is convincing yourself of what isn’t true.ย 

Crushing Liberalism in the Middle East: Foreign Intervention, Religious Fanaticism, and Freedom

  The Middle East is lacking strong, secular, liberal leadership. Everything is extreme. Its either nun or libertine. Where have all the liberal forces gone? Let us not forget that they exist, although most religious and fundamentalistic forces would not mind if we did, and that they are currently facing extinction in the Middle East.Continue reading “Crushing Liberalism in the Middle East: Foreign Intervention, Religious Fanaticism, and Freedom”

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