Perhaps this is wishful thinking but, there should be a protest against the Democratic nomination as a result of the recent revelations regarding DWS’ e-mail. Otherwise we may be giving Trump a really weak contender, which doesn’t change the fact that Hillary is the better candidate. But with this revelation, I wonder why she isContinue reading “Shultzgate”

The Last Colony

There are many remnants, some visible others more underlying, of the age of colonialism. Since the collapse of the USSR, foreign exploitation has taken new forms, and so too has the resistance against it. It has been argued that the US foreign policy in the ME has been partial in the favor of Israel – theContinue reading “The Last Colony”

A Q&A With Angela Davis on Black Power, Feminism and the Prison-Industrial Complex | The Nation

A Q&A With Angela Davis on Black Power, Feminism and the Prison-Industrial Complex | The Nation. “Moreover, the most profitable sector of the private-prison business is composed of immigrant detention centers. One can therefore understand why the most repressive anti-immigrant legislation in the United States was drafted by private-prison companies…”

The Democrats Are Finally Turning Away from Israel


they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.

It’s incredible what you can learn in this life. For me, at this hour, the lesson of political freedom is at my heart. Burning…

Imposing democracy is not only an oxymoron; it doesn’t work, and it usually stems from an underlying conspiracy of colonial ambitions.


America should respect the sovereignty of other nations, despite its history of not doing so.

boils in the depths

who knew freedom would be such a struggle

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