The secret is you.

Let me make something clear by stating that President Morsi’s hatred for Jews and Zionists is a sham. If anything, its this sort of religious fanaticism that Israel plays on. See America? See why we have control/secure the Middle East? Mr. Morsi, Bassem Youssef is free to do as he pleases…as is Jon Stewart, whoContinue reading

Russia angry over West’s rhetoric

Russia lashes out for obsession over toppling Assad   < — Link

God again

what does the future hold? I’m callin out my heart’s bleeding.

God, Allah

Have faith in God. Do not let the doubts of others creep into your mind. Trust in your heart.

salvation is in the heart

from the Hell of  ignorance.

on perfection

if you want to be perfect — you will fail.


I am convinced that reason, fear and paranoia are intrinsically linked. The voice in our head that tells us to question our every move and our convictions — that, is our innate desire to be pretentious; to hide from the humility of knowing that the heart is where human nature’s essence truly lies.

my beliefs

Do not be afraid to separate the Glory of God from the Untruths of Religion.

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