Uncovering My Personal Legend: A Journey for Self-Actualization Amidst Chimerical Wish Fantasies

There are so many opportunities I, and many like me, were denied due to institutional obstacles for immigrants, even one like me, who has lived in the US since he was 6. That was in 1996. It’s now 2016, and I’m 28. I still have no status anywhere except Syria, my home country, which forContinue reading “Uncovering My Personal Legend: A Journey for Self-Actualization Amidst Chimerical Wish Fantasies”

Tomorrow. 3:00 PM. Video Debut.

KRIKOS releases the artwork for his upcoming single “W.Y.W.”. The video will be premiered by Florida’s own http://www.CitrusRap.com.

No Way Out – Syrian Crisis Analysis

Feeling especially emotional on the issue #SyrianRefugees at the moment. Will we allow #fascism to grip the West? To treat #Arabs the way Jews were treated by Nazi Germany? Internment camps? Tough screening? Anti-Arab sentiment a tradition of the West. Hollywood typecasting of #Arabs; orientalist oversimplification of otherwise rich Arab culture. This should also beContinue reading “No Way Out – Syrian Crisis Analysis”

NIKO IS – George Jefferson (prod. KRIKOS)

From the collaborative album by Colours Of The Culture, ROYGBIV: What a Colourful World ColoursOfTheCulture.com Follow: @nikohigh @krikos88 @thanksjoey @yousthejuice

BASTART exhibit July 1st-8th Loft 55

FOR PURCHASES USE EMAIL FOR INQUIRIES OR VISIT MY STORE ON ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BASTARTE?ref=l2-shopheader-name Like, follow & purchase original politically inspired anti-art pieces, part of the official Bastart collection by Syrian-Armenian artist Krikos. Currently residing in Orlando, FL. Visit my page, twitter & instagram @KRIKOS88. All commissions and professional inquiries can be sent to KRIKOSoffocial@gmail.com. I haveContinue reading “BASTART exhibit July 1st-8th Loft 55”

[NEW MUSIQ] Stop Where You Are (prod. KRIKOS) —- INSTRUMENTAL

[NEW MUSIC] KRIKOS – Stop Where You Are (instrumental) (prod. KRIKOS) LISTEN BELOW! LINK —> https://soundcloud.com/krikos88/stop-where-you-are-prod-krikos RAPPERS – what’s good?! ORLANDO FLUX W/ ME! For professional inquiries please contact KRIKOSofficial@gmail.com. Dropped my album on April 3rd. Figured I’d give y’all some appetizers before the next dish off the main course. The campaign for #RiseoftheEasternSon isContinue reading “[NEW MUSIQ] Stop Where You Are (prod. KRIKOS) —- INSTRUMENTAL”

Kanye West is about to start a free concert at Yerevan’s Swan Lake

KRIKOS – Rise of the Eastern Son LP

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