We cannot be free in Syria until we are free in Palestine because both barricades of slavery have the same master: Israel. And by freedom it does not mean anarchy against the very force that has stood loyally against Israeli expansionism since 1948. Egypt’s agendas have always echoed the policies of their masters, America and Russia.Continue reading “Syria-Palaestina”

On Saudi Arabia & the Roots of Arab Elitism

1.  A sense of entitlement and exclusiveness emanates from the Arabian peninsula, namely from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen & the UAE, which has its roots embedded in a version of an Islamic narrative that ties the Arabs of this region to ancient jewish and semitic tribes. 2. This has concentrated wealth in the particularContinue reading “On Saudi Arabia & the Roots of Arab Elitism”

The confidence to be around this place, To give people what they cannot find, When you feel like you never try, But the world doesn’t tell you why, I feel like I am going stupid now, Fucking crazy and I’m losing ground, It’s like a God couldn’t write this, But if He didn’t then IContinue reading


It is sad what people are willing to put others through simply because they cannot let go of their pride. It is the source of all evil and human suffering in the world. God have mercy. 


for the sake of that which we are incapable of attaining.

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