No system or philosophy or religion or concept is perfect but God. Not socialism, not democracy, not judaism, not christianity — GOD. Abrahamic Monotheism.

Why Syria is not like Libya, Egypt, or Iraq: 1) Syria is the only secular arab country (a western principle) 2) Syria initiated economic reforms over a span of 40 years that redistributed wealth and allowed for upward mobility for disenfranchised classes 3) Syria has combatted internal and external ideological fanaticism, mostly from the MuslimContinue reading

just the two of us

by Homai Vyarawalla Oh my darling you haven’t  a clue, Of the time I invest dreaming of you. Just last night we laid beside each other, Tomorrow we’ll travel the world, just us two. We’ll tread upon temples in Tibet, Bathe in waters pure and wet, Lay on sandy beaches at dawn, Walk along theContinue reading “just the two of us”


The realest poems I do write, They hide in chests unopened, Locked away never to be read, By the subjects about whom I’ve spoken.   The lovers who have done me wrong, And the friends who haven’t a clue, Of the pain and suffering I incur. Why don’t they just leave me alone?

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