An updated – but still rough – draft of my master’s thesis

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE M.A. Dissertation Danny Krikorian Political Development & Ethnic Conflict: Comparing Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan I. Introduction II. Data III. Shared Histories in the Caspian Region IV. Inclusion & Harmony – Kazakhstan vs. Exclusion & Conflict – Azerbaijan V. Conclusion Abstract In this research my aim is to demonstrateContinue reading “An updated – but still rough – draft of my master’s thesis”

Pay You Back [Artwork]

Art by Nermine Hammam Executive Produced by KRIKOS Presented by Colours of the Culture

The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?

There is a disconnect between national policy and international relations. The decision to leave the EU by the UK, or “Brexit”, is a symbol of that disconnect. But in order to understand the origins of this decision, it is important to highlight the UK’s tradition of reluctance and hesitation towards the EU since its inception.Continue reading “The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?”

A Return to the Balance of Power?

Depending on your worldview, political reality shifts. But consider for a second – this perspective. On the global scale, we see America as an isolated nation. In reality, America possesses two qualities which render this assumption baseless. America is majority Anglo-Saxon; America has been deeply entangled in the foreign affairs of England and the restContinue reading “A Return to the Balance of Power?”

British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

On Obama & ISIS

Most political critics won’t even hold an opinion anymore – they prefer to hold grudges. All the modern Middle Eastern conflicts could bend in the direction of justice today and yet it is almost as if they’d be disappointed – they’d have nothing left to criticize. It is one thing to constructively criticize a political tyrant – it is anotherContinue reading “On Obama & ISIS”

On Saudi Arabia & the Roots of Arab Elitism

1.  A sense of entitlement and exclusiveness emanates from the Arabian peninsula, namely from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen & the UAE, which has its roots embedded in a version of an Islamic narrative that ties the Arabs of this region to ancient jewish and semitic tribes. 2. This has concentrated wealth in the particularContinue reading “On Saudi Arabia & the Roots of Arab Elitism”

AIPAC’s grip on US – tightening or loosening?

AIPAC’s grip on US – tightening or loosening?

Quotes from Patrick Seale’s Asad:

Thus was posed the crucial question which was to underlie Middle East politics as the decade of the 1980s drew to a close: could Israel get its way without first dealing with Asad’s Syria? …Asad strove to break out of the shackles of the damaging terrorist charge which he claimed in a fighting speech inContinue reading “Quotes from Patrick Seale’s Asad:”

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