The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?

There is a disconnect between national policy and international relations. The decision to leave the EU by the UK, or “Brexit”, is a symbol of that disconnect. But in order to understand the origins of this decision, it is important to highlight the UK’s tradition of reluctance and hesitation towards the EU since its inception.Continue reading “The Rebalancing of Powers: From ‘Brexit’ to Babel?”

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Re-Mixed Economics

To understand America’s race problem, it’s foreign policy problem — TO MAKE SENSE OF ANY of America’s imperfections, one mustn’t overlook perhaps the crux of the entire system’s mishaps altogether: Socio-economics. When Iggy Azalea recently sounded off on twitter fellow Hip-Hoppers Azealia Banks & Lupe Fiasco got involved. But what caught my attention was Q-Tip’s response, riddledContinue reading “Re-Mixed Economics”

My Mel Brooks Statement

Not enough time while uttering socialist hymns, Approaching the wind, brushing, warming his skin, Always wondering why society is so controlling, Too busy desert storming, forming methods of hoarding, From playing hard to get to destroying ancient artifacts, Time is a double-edged sword to my solid axe, Warriors in a colosseum, praying for a carpeContinue reading “My Mel Brooks Statement”

On Putin’s address to the American people

I recently came across a conversation between some friends on facebook about Russian President Putin’s recent appeal to the American people in the NYT and couldn’t help but take an opinion. The guys in the conversation just seemed so uptight, so fearful of Putin, echoing stereotypical American and Western paranoias of foreign governments and nations.Continue reading “On Putin’s address to the American people”

stop thinking.

just do shit. you are a genius. do whatever you want.

salvation is in the heart

from the Hell of  ignorance.

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