too many thoughts on my mind feeling doubtful,too

too many thoughts on my mind feeling doubtful, too many people in my circle still without you, all i hear is voices creeping into my soul, eating me a live and never letting go, what would you if you didn’t have a choice, let alone the courage to spit half your voice, sometimes I wonderContinue reading “too many thoughts on my mind feeling doubtful,too”


My religion and spiritual question has been the cause of my life. The source is a certain thing, I cannot open here but it’s okay. I wonder, because I question, and yet, in contradiction, I believe, so vehemently in my path, for many reasons, pure and impure. But I am me, and my Lord isContinue reading “illuminate”


Social conformists are so lame. They aren’t just lame, they are bundles of stress, anxiety and misery. How ironic. Sheesh.

Yo in all honesty

Fuck the bullshit. Why I gotta act like something I’m not?

mark ’em

Watch them flock now after my fame, Stumbling hastily while scathing my name, Before they would scold me for being this way, But now is new, or so they say. A fruitless bunch of clowns, playing an act, They needn’t search far to get a good laugh, There, in the mirror, being cracked, The finestContinue reading “mark ’em”

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