Stacking this bread like its Lavash – official merch!

In collaboration with Ara the Rat, I’m honored to announce the upcoming release of my first line of merchandise! Watch the music video for the single Lavash below or by navigating the menu above. You can also hear the full album The World to Come via Spotify:

For I Was Destined to Reconcile Truths

“For I was destined to reconcile truths.” Peace to Ara the Rat – my Armenian comrades – for these incredible pieces of art! These shirts are magnificent. Dear world, as I continue my musical and journalistic journeys in this life of dualities, I’ve prepared a solid campaign for a new album. The single#LAVASH has beenContinue reading “For I Was Destined to Reconcile Truths”

“No Loitering” – Photo by Kayla Reefer

Colours of the Culture. Photo by Kayla Reefer. KRIKOS.

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