they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.

Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying,

Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying, at least, that I am almost there. I can smell it, in the air. Really.

Too much on my mind right now. A spliff would be nice. Debating a lot. Life decisions. Friendships. Careers. Kind of tired of irrational faith. Tired of irrational perfectionism. Tired of being limited by my self. Tired of being convinced that I do not deserve glory. Sick of not embracing my sickness, my elite quality.Continue reading

Don’t have time to waste on petty arguments and disagreements. People die because of injustice. The world is at war.

perhaps due to the existence of a hypothesis — or assertion rather — that a God may exist and that we are of dual nature; both good and evil, thereby deeming particular behaviors, choices and/or expressions as inappropriate or merely immoral.Ā 

Faith and Liberalism

So hard to keep the faith alive. I have the world trying to steer me away from it and my own vanities. Can I not desire everything? Are not my desires my own to satisfy?


America should respect the sovereignty of other nations, despite its history of not doing so.

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