Analyzing Political Undertones in Pop Culture Through Art

There is generally speaking a list of artistic works that, despite their aesthetic greatness, are either historically misrepresentative & inaccurate or merely biased in context and coverage. Some do justice, some don’t. Perception all depends on which angle you look at the subject. I wish for justice for all, but we must recognize, expose & bring to justice those distinct forces which causeContinue reading “Analyzing Political Undertones in Pop Culture Through Art”

The Problem of Collectivism

If there is one thing I have come to learn to really appreciate it is my individual freedom. It is becoming extremely taboo to tout your individualism. It is often viewed as a sense of paranoia. I have learned to face a fact: most people prefer to rely on others – instead of themselves – for financial/political gain.Continue reading “The Problem of Collectivism”

vanity, art, and disillusion: a stroll down infinity

when I believe less I believe more, my feelings open and like mist, they cool and permeate the air, around me and everybody in my circle. life is a winding road to endlessness, infinite and perhaps with no answers, I thought I’d find them and found none, yet I still look for some… what willContinue reading “vanity, art, and disillusion: a stroll down infinity”


I debated posting this poem for a very long time. The reason is because I felt it was very harsh. I felt it would give off the wrong message and that it would confuse people about what I believe. But after consulting a few of my friends who encouraged me to post it, I wentContinue reading “Hypocrisy”

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